Some thoughts about dancing tango...

"Well, if you go back to the beginning of tango, tango is defined as a feeling, a "sentimiento" which you dance to. So when you start the dance, you don't start with a step, you start with a feeling. That's why I think we are not like other dancers.

Other dancers go through a combination of steps, tango is improvised, improvised all the way, there are no combinations. In tango you can't be preoccupied with the steps, you need to express your emotions while listening to the music.

You can spot a mile away a person who is actually thinking about the next step.

On the other hand, the dancer who follows the music will move at the same time as his partner. They will move as one.

The American language says it clearly: "it takes two to tango". Why not two to cha-cha, or two to swing?
Why two to tango? Because two makes one. "

(Carlos Gavito)