About shoes and clothes:
  • Q. What should I wear?

  • Q. Should I buy dancing shoes?

  • Q. Should I wear high-heel shoes?

  • Q. What are marking shoes?

About classes:
  • Q. Should I bring a dancing partner?

  • Q. Do I have to change partner during the class?

  • Q. Is there a student discount?

  • Q. Do you allow drop-in?

  • Q. Which level should I choose?

  • Q. I have a back/knee/ankle/hip/leg/shoulder problem: can I dance tango?

  • Q. The term is already started, may I still join?

About tango:
  • Q. How is it possible that Tango has no preset moves?

  • Q. Then is it true that someone could invent any combination of moves and call it 'Tango'?